Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bimbo's Drag Machine

There was a time when my friend Bimbo said he's gonna build a car that will run 13 seconds on a quarter mile, and that was last 1996.

Now he has this Toyota Sprinter 4A-GE powered screamer that will overpower any

It is speculated that the 4A-GE is actually a road-going version of the Ford Cosworth BDA racing engine, reverse engineered by Toyota as the bore and stroke dimensions are similar and there are many similarities in the engine design, making it a reliable engine for motorsports applications. The reliability and performance of these engines has earned them a fair number of enthusiasts and a fan base as they are a popular choice for an engine swap in to other Toyota cars. Bimbo is one of them...

A 4A-GE Engine being resurrected


The parts was chosen by Bimbo himself, building the car himself with a little help from his family resulted deep-satisfaction.


The programing the engine box was also done with Bimbo's careful calculation on the air and fuel mixture.

Bimbo's Baby

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Nostalgic 80's

Micheal Knight and KITT

This is one of the reasons why I love the 80's, Knight Industries Two Thousand and Micheal Knight played by David Hasselhoof.

The cockpit has full controls and even has a Beta and VHS player somewhere

Fashion statement and the famous "thumbs up" wins the fans heart

KITT is loaded with special features such as the commonly-used Turbo Boost, which allows quick bursts of speed or jumping over obstacles. KITT could also drive himself, but perhaps his most distinct and recognizable aspect was his front mounted scan bar which, among other things, allowed KITT to "see". KITT's body panels were coated with an advanced "molecular bonded shell" armor coating which would resist conventional weapon fire as well as most artillery and explosive blasts although a strong direct hit by those attacks could cause severe damage.

The "New" KITT Ford Mustang GTR 500KR

Yep, the red "scanner" is still there.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nissan Fairlady 350-Z

Fairlady 350-Z

One of the things that inspire me to work my ass off is owning a Nissan Fairlady 350-Z.
I find this car so sexy it can be a "pussy magnet". Pimp this baby up (see the modified version) and you will be Don Juan!

Modified Version

Very cozy interiors with a sporty look

Engine: VQ35DE 3.5L (210 cu. inch) V-6 287bhp 274 torque

With a car like this, my kumpare Makoy will have no trouble getting laid.
(see Deathmarked)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Motor Star to Honda Conversion

Modification of motorcycles are one of the hobbies of my buddy Christian. He turned his Motor Star into a modified Honda XRM.

Motor Star turned Honda XRM

Here are some specs:

Motor Star 125cc. motor
Modified XRM body kits
Stock 4 speed transmission
17" RCY Wheels
Michelin Low Profile Tires
Yushimura brake set and shifters
Endurance Exhaust System
STX pistons and rods
Posh chains
Splitfire Copper spark plugs
Shark air-filter
Raptor headlights
Raider handle posts


I make this look good

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lorenzo's M4WD

X-Chassis (white)
Ultra Dash
GP 2300 Milli ampere
FRP front and rear bumpers
17mm. Auldey Roller set (6pcs.)
Tamiya weights (2 grams) at the front
Lock Nut small diameter wheel set
Tamiya axle bearings

This M4WD owner never had the chance to race his "Knuckle Breaker", so it ended up staying on his toolbox for a long time (8 years). So when an M4WD race track opened on Passi City last 2008, that was the time this M4WD hit the track winning the first heat... Unfortunately, also it ran out of energy and was eliminated on the second heat. But who knows, maybe it will do better on the next racing season.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Lapyu's first M4WD

Lapyu 12
Phantom Blade
Jet Dash
Power Base 1,800 Milli amperes Batteries
17mm. AC Rollers (rear)
9mm Tamiya race bearing rollers
Tamiya Aluminum Side Extension
Tamiya Front FRP Bumper
Tamiay Rear FRP Bumper
Tamiya Axle Bearings

First heat, it came with a slow start, then it catches it's opponent one by one... winning the first heat...
The second heat was a disappointment, it ran out of batteries, it finished last. But it was fun!

Masyong's Pride
Brocken Gigant Black Special
Super FM Chassis
Hyper- Dash 2 Motor
GP 2300 Milli amperes Batteries
17mm. Auldey Rollers (front)
17mm. A.C. Rollers (rear)
Tamiya Stabilizing Pole

Tamiya Axle bearings
Tamiya Front FRP bumper

This M4WD never had raced before so the toolbox will be his home until the next racing season. If only there is a M4WD show, this will have a chance.